Elekta recruiting applications scientists/specialists

Elekta is currently expanding their team of experts and are recruiting a Clinical Applications Scientist as well as a field Applications Specialist into their business development and customer care teams, respectively.

For more information about these positions, continue reading below or send your questions and/or curriculum vitae as well as application to Ms. Hetakaisa Stenius (hetakaisa.stenius@elekta.com).

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Clinical Applications Scientist

As the Clinical Applications Scientist, you will participate in creation of new or improved customer-focused clinical applications, with a primary focus on improving the clinical utility of MEG. The role involves guiding extension and product-quality optimization of MEG system and applications software with emphasis on clinical functionality and usability, operating in a strong cross-functional interaction across all business disciplines.

The position involves extensive collaboration with clinical key opinion leaders to establish and document optimal workflows, leading and participating in clinical product validation, as well as creating clinical training and support programs in partnership with product management and applications specialists.

Key responsibilities of the Clinical Applications Scientist will be:

• Collaborate with key clinical opinion leaders to develop new or extend existing clinical applications for our MEG product
• Work with Product Management to create and maintain a product roadmap that supports new or extended clinical applications
• Collect and maintain clinical data
• Lead the creation of content for clinical applications training
• Participate in delivery of clinical applications training
• Participate in risk management activities
• Support Product Marketing in the creation of clinical marketing content

A successful candidate possesses:

• Several years of experience of MEG and/or EEG
• University degree such as Master of Science or doctoral degree in suitable discipline
• Several years of experience in the field of medical technology, including medical imaging, electroneurophysiology, magnetoencephalography, or similar
• Preferably several years of in-hospital experience
• Excellent command of verbal and written English


Applications Specialist

As the Applications Specialist, you will be working closely with our clinical customers to deliver applications training and technical support for Elekta’s range of MEG products. In addition to operational roles in training and customer support, you will be an integral member of our customer care team working towards new clinical products, focusing on effective and user-friendly content for customer training, manuals, and knowledge base.

Key responsibilities of the Applications Specialist will be:

• Support our clinical and other customers on site and remotely
• Collect feedback from our customers
• Participate in the development and delivery of customer training
• Participate as a customer representative in the development of clinical applications, processes, and practices
• Work as a subject matter expert for user documentation and content management

A successful candidate possesses at a minimum:

• Several years of experience of MEG and/or EEG, preferably in clinical applications
• Experience in reviewing as well as analyzing MEG and/or EEG data
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Training skills
• Suitable education towards the position (Bachelor of Science or Master of Science in suitable discipline, e.g. Biomedical Engineering)
• Excellent command of verbal and written English


Both positions involve substantial travel and interaction with our clinical key opinion leaders. We would preferably like you to locate somewhere in the United States but be able to travel to Europe as necessary.

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