University of York MEG lab

University of York MEG lab

Research topics

We undertake a broad range of scientific projects with magnetoencephalography (MEG). Sensory function in the visual and auditory systems is examined at many levels. For example, low level auditory processing is studied alongside other investigations of speech processing. The quiet environment of MEG lends itself to research on the auditory system. In vision, we research low level visual processing and also more complex visual tasks, such as face perception. Fundamental brain processes are also examined with resting state measures.

Research facilities and equipment

York Neuroimaging Centre (YniC) was established in 2005 and uses cutting edge techniques to investigate the function, structure and chemistry of the brain. A generous £1.2 Million grant from the Wolfson Foundation allowed the Centre to specifically develop research that exploits MEG. The MEG system at YniC is a 4D Magnes 3600 Whole Head 248-channel magnetometer-based system. We are currently investigating how this system can be upgraded with new electronics systems to enhance its performance.


More contact information about YniC is available at the following link:


Antony Morland

Alex Wade
Deputy Director

Mark Hymers

Andre Gouws
Manager Imaging Services

Principal Investigators

Tim Andrews

Dan Baker

Beth Jefferies

Sven Mattys

Jonny Smallwood

Miles Whittington

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