University of Cambridge MEG lab

University of Cambridge MEG lab

Research topics

The MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit is part of the Clinical School of the University of Cambridge, and a leading research centre for advancing understanding of human cognition such as memory, attention, perception, language and emotion. Our research is organised into over a dozen programmes funded by the MRC. The MEG lab is used by a range of external projects. The Unit also hosts projects supported by other funders in relevant fields. The openly accessible CBU Wiki pages provide a wealth of information on neuroimaging data analysis.

EEG/MEG are an essential part of the large-scale collaborative Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (CamCAN).

Core Cognitive Neuroscience Programmes

For an overview of the CBU’s research programmes, please look here:

Language and Cognition in Health and Disease – Matt Lambon-Ralph

Brain mechanisms of attention and control – John Duncan

Top-down control in the typically and atypically developing brain – Duncan Astle

Disorders of Attention and Executive Function – Tom Manly

Behavioral and sensory decisions: the impact of dementia and Parkinson’s disease – James Rowe

Genomic Disorders and Cognitive Development – Kate Baker

Fundamental Cognitive Neuroscience – Alex Woolgar

The Rise And Fall Of Executive Functions: Modelling neurodevelopmental changes in higher cognitive abilities – Rogier Kievit

Cognition, Emotion and Mental Health – Tim Dalgleish

Listening in noisy situations by normal-hearing listeners and cochlear implant users – Bob Carlyon

Adaptive processes in speech and language – Matt Davis

Cognitive and neural basis of inhibitory control – Michael Anderson

Working memory and its disorders – Sue Gathercole

Systems Neuroscience of Human Memory and its Disorders – Rik Henson

Short-term memory and reading – Dennis Norris

Neuroimaging Methods

Multimodal Imaging and Effective Connectivity – Rik Henson

MRI Analysis and Acquisition at 3T and 7T – Marta Correia

EEG/MEG Analysis and Eye-Tracking – Olaf Hauk

Multivariate Pattern Analysis and Open Neuroimaging – Johan Carlin

Research facilities and equipment

The CBU houses an Elekta Neuromag Triux Neo EEG/MEG system (306 MEG channels, 64 EEG channels). We routinely record MEG in combination with 64-channel EEG. The MEG lab is equipped with an SR EyeLink eye-tracker. The CBU has a Siemens Prisma Fit 3T scanner on-site. The CBU is a stakeholder in a Siemens 7T Terra fMRI scanner at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre. We also own a separate 128-channel Brain Products BrainAmp EEG system, an fMRI-compatible Geodesics EEG system, a DuoMag XT-100 TMS system and a MagPro XP MRI-compatible TMS system.

Our MEG Wiki pages provide more detailed information about our facilities.


The CBU EEG/MEG lab is located at the main site of the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit.

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Olaf Hauk
Head of EEG/MEG

Academic Investigators

For a list of our programme leaders and their research programmes, please visit:

Core Staff

Clare Cook
MEG Lab Manager

Lucy MacGregor
EEG/MEG Research Support

Matthew Sharrock
Neuroimaging Facilities Manager

Post-Doctoral Researchers

For a list of our post-docs, please visit:

PhD Students

For a list of students, please visit:

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