University of Glasgow MEG lab

Research topics

The MEG research at CCNi has a particular focus on the role of neural oscillations during normal and abnormal brain functioning. Specifically, we focus on the involvement of rhythmic activity during perception, language and information processing of social signals, such as faces and voices. Over the last years, CCNi-investigators implemented a number of novel analytic approaches towards these questions based on information-theoretical concepts, i.e. mutual information and decoding approaches.

A second major research area relates to the combination of MEG with brain stimulation and clinical applications. The functional role of neural oscillations is studied through perturbation of rhythmic signatures with TMS/tACS that allow insights into the mechanistic relationship of neural oscillations in behavioural and cognitive functions. Moreover, we believe that studying aberrant neural oscillations in psychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia, can provide novel insights into the origin of cognitive and perceptual abnormalities that are at the core of these disorders that can eventually lead to novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic interventions.

Research facilities and equipment

A 4D-Neuroimaging MAGNES 3600 WH MEG system is the centrepiece of the MEG suite at the University of Glasgow. This MEG system features 248 magnetometer sensors that provide full cortical coverage. The MEG position can be easily moved to allow recordings to be made in supine or seated positions. The suite offers a full range of stimulation and measurement devices (besides standard auditory and visual stimulation) including natural tactile stimulation with braille cells, laser stimulation, eye tracking and a 128 channel EEG system.


The MEG suite at the University of Glasgow is situated within the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (CCNi) which opened in November 2008. The centre also features a 3T MRi as well as TMS and EEG laboratories.



Prof Satu Palva
Professor of Magnetoencephalography

Prof Matias Palva
Professor of Magnetoencephalography

Academic Investigators

Prof Philippe Schyns
Director of Institute

Prof Gregor Thut
Acting Director of CCNi

Prof Peter Uhlhaas
Professor of Clinical Psychology and Translational Neuroscience

Core Staff

Dr Gavin Paterson
MEG Lab Manager

Mrs Frances Crabbe
Neuroimaging Research Manager


Dr Marc Recasens
Marie Curie Fellow

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dr Tineke Grent-’T-Jong
Research Associate

Dr Katarzyna Jaworska
Research Associate

Dr Anne Keitel
Research Associate

Dr Christian Keitel
Research Associate

Dr Hame Park
Research Associate

Dr Nicola Van Rijsbergen
Research Associate

Dr Caroline Whiting
Research Associate

PhD Students

Mr Christoph Daube
PhD Student

Ms Lingling Hua
PhD Student

Ms Antonia Jambazova
PhD Student

Ms Emmi Mikanmaa
PhD Student

Ms Hanna Thune
PhD Student

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