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In 2013, the UK MEG Partnership (eight labs at the time: Aston, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow, Nottingham, Oxford, UCLYork) started one of the largest collaborative MEG projects in the United Kingdom.

Since 2016, the data collected at each of these eight MEG centres has progressively been aggregated in Cardiff, where the MEG UK Database is currently being built.

The MEG UK Database will represent the first shared data repository of MEG data collected at multiple sites using different MEG systems. It will host data from more than ~500 healthy individuals, consisting primarily of MEG recordings (both at rest and during sensory-motor and cognitive tasks), individual anatomical MRIs and psychometric data.

For queries about access to the database, please contact the current database curator, Lorenzo Magazzini at Cardiff University. More information coming soon…

Watch this space!

The Cardiff MEG Team.

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