SAMBA 2018: The Salzburg Mind/Brain Annual Meeting

The so-called Salzburg Mind Brain Annual Meeting (SAMBA), the 2nd annual meeting in the domain of Cognitive Neuroscience, has been announced! The meeting will take place in Salzburg (Austria) on July 12-13, 2018 and registration is open until 15 March 2018.

As reported in the original message from Nathan Weisz, young scientists are especially encouraged to contribute a poster.

The list of speakers looks outstanding and includes three from Universities in the UK:

Radoslav Cichy (FU Berlin)
Simon Eickhoff (J├╝lich)
Saskia Haegens (Columbia / Donders)
Jim Haxby (Dartmouth)
Katharina von Kriegstein (MPI Leipzig)
Floris de Lange (Donders)
Tamar Makin (UCL)
Kia Nobre (Oxford)
Uta Noppeney (Birmingham)
Anne-Marike Schiffer (Nature Human Behavior)
Andreas Wutz (MIT / Salzburg)

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